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With so much of our daily lives involving our mobile phones and the internet, there are multiple resources at our fingertips that can help to lessen the load that we place on the environment.

As we’ve talked over before here at Kindred Hearts, simply changing which search engine you use can play a big part in staying eco-friendly. The Ecosia search engine is a website where you can do all of your general searches, just as you would by using Google, except there is a beautiful twist to this website – they use the profit that they make from the searches to plant trees. As of this moment, they’ve planted around 60,000,000 trees, and the number is ever growing!

Similar to Ecosia, Blackle is another search engine that is working hard at helping our lovely planet – Blackle saves energy by making their search screen predominantly black. 
Because your battery bank on your computer or phone won’t have to use as much energy colouring the screen, as screens are naturally black, Blackle saves much more energy than if you were to do an average search on Google. So far, they have saved over 7,000,000 energy watt hours, and the total is forever going up with each search. When it comes to saving energy, every little bit counts.

As an entirely nonprofit movement, The Freecycle Network is “all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills.” By simply signing up, you can view the numerous items that are being offered by local residents for absolutely free, you can post your own items that you no longer need, and you can even post ads for items that you are seeking. 
Between the furniture offered, various kitchenware, and several miscellaneous items, there is no telling what you could fall in love with through Freecycle, and what you could help keep out of the landfill.

If you’re anything like me, you may live in a small flat, without proper access to a compost bin – Sharewaste has enabled me to compost while lacking a bin. By simply going to their website and typing in your address, you can see all sorts of local composters near you.

Typically, they will mention what type of scraps they will take, and if it is used for garden compost or for feeding chickens. Once you’ve messaged them, then your on your way to composting. All I do is take my gathered scraps and drop them off in a bucket near my local Sharewaster’s front gate. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a compost partner that will gift you some of the goodies your compost is helping grow!

All about giving information, “TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.” Between articles and guides design, living, science, technology, transportation, business, energy, and even multiple slideshows, TreeHugger aims to cover every single topic possible when it comes to being green. 
By taking a look at their articles and guides, you can find more than enough information to satisfy your Earth-helping appetite.

Dropcountr (app)

Through either the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store, you can access an excellent, water saving application called Dropcountr. By syncing your application with your local water supplier, you can monitor exactly how much water you’re using, and know when you’ve used more than enough. 
It will also allow your water company to send you updates, and give you warning signs if it thinks there is signs of a leak in your household. Since water use also plays a big factor in being conscious of the Earth, by monitoring your usage, you’ll be helping more than you realise.

GoodGuide (app)

Available through the Apple App Store, GoodGuide helps you become educated about each and every product you bring into your house. By simply scanning the barcode, GoodGuide will show you whether or not a product contains any sort of potential health effects or hazards, as well as any nutritional information. 
Working on both food and cleaning products, their mission is to provide as much information as possible, so that users can be as informed as they possibly can be when it comes to what is in their shopping cart.

Green Eats (app)

In the Apple App Store, helping to, once again, reduce your environmental impact, Green Eats helps you figure out the carbon “emissions required to produce each of your meals.” 
By entering the ingredients of your meals, you can instantly see what it cost the Earth for you to eat it. By seeing the impact you’re making on the Earth, Green Eats hopes that it will persuade you to eat ‘greener’ foods, thus reducing your environmental footprint.

EcoDice (app)

Available through the Apple App Store, this application “aims to change people’s behaviour in a playful way.” When downloaded, you can virtually roll the dice, and it will display one way that you can help the Earth that day. 
Whether that be biking or walking to work, reminding you to recycle, or even the more cheeky water saving side by which they suggest you shower with your partner. It brings a fun edge to helping save the planet.

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