About People Tree

For every beautiful garment People Tree makes, there’s an equally beautiful change happening somewhere in the world.

– People Tree


People Tree is one of the original pioneers of ethical & sustainability fashion, working with Fair Trade workers and farmers since 1991. We’re proud to be bringing People Tree to Australia on our journey for a more fair and sustainable future!

People Tree in store

Sustainable & Fair Trade Fashion

Founded on a passion for people and the environment, People Tree have worked hard from the beginning to ensure everything they produce is made under conditions that empower their makers. Everything from People Tree we stock here at Kindred Hearts is created by use of methods traditional to India combined with modern technologies.

On their website, People Tree acknowledges the environmental impact of the fashion industry, and steps taken to minimise the impact. Due to this, People Tree has obtained a number of certifications:


  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Soil Association Organic
  • Fair Trade Cotton
  • World Fair Trade Organisation
  • PETA Approved Vegan


To offer products which care beyond borders, are produced ethically and inspire to live an ethical and sustainable life.


To raise awareness for an ethical lifestyle, starting by the clothes we (or you) wear.


To see Australia choosing clothes which care for those making them equally as much as for those wearing them.