Meet the Team

Johanna Schick


Johanna was born and raised in a small country town in South-West Germany. After finishing high school in 2012 she was off on her own to explore the world… or well… Australia. She nannied for about a year while travelling the East Coast. After returning home, it didn’t feel the same. Even though she started a business degree, got a job, did an internship, there was something missing.

Not even three years later, her life took a different path.

The degree she started in Germany wasn’t finished, instead, she prepared to transfer to an Australian higher education provider in Melbourne and finish the degree with majoring in Marketing.

Her first real life marketing touch point was when she was doing a 9-week full-time internship with a German retailer for ethical and organic fashion. She looked after social media, the company’s blog, and had a few touchpoints with the ordering process and product returns.

“After you research more about the Fast Fashion industry and get to know that expensive products don’t necessarily mean better treatment of workers, you can’t turn your head away anymore.”

Marketing truly became a passion of her and no longer feels something she ‘has to’ study, but wants to. Johanna graduated in 2018 and since then works as a Social Media Coordinator for an international company in Melbourne. Kindred Hearts was founded in 2018, after Johanna had enough of looking for ethical clothing she likes.

Johanna brings many creative ideas to the business and her main responsibility is brand communication and supplier research. Her favourite part so far is browsing through the new collections of several brands and choosing items for Kindred Hearts.

We don’t have to be perfect, but we have to choose the right way and making changes step by step. Each purchase has an impact each of us can decide what it is!

Ashleigh Marsh


Ashleigh was born and raised in Melbourne. She recently got married to her high school love, Jesse. While Ashleigh is a true champion of website development, you wouldn’t guess that she actually has a degree in nursing.

Her passion for website development started in her teenage years though when she started to learn more about coding. Nowadays, conversations about Google rankings, SEO and SEM make her heart jump. Our website was built entirely by her – it’s always a bonus to have a web developer on board!

While she has now settled as a first-time home owner in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, she has lived all across the city, from Eastern suburbs to Geelong to South-East coast side to where she is now. Not only does she live with her husband Jesse, but is also a mum of three fur babies, cats to be exact.

Ashleigh is a true champion when it comes to everything online related. She gets excited about new products, finds the best companies to work with here in Australia and is not afraid to work late nights just to make it happen.


Brittany Jenke


Brittany was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the United States. After falling in love with her long-time pen-pal, she made the move to Australia in October of 2015 to pursue her relationship further. She married Tyler shortly after settling in the inner-North of Melbourne, and has been enjoying life with him and their beautiful cat, Joel, to the fullest.

By day, she works as a nanny, but her true passions include writing, reading, music, cooking, and most importantly living as close to zero-waste as she possibly can. Since her transition into a sustainable lifestyle, Brittany has done copious amounts of research about how the world manages its waste, and how many resources are being destroyed because of the way the world consumes. It struck a chord with her that so many people were uneducated about their influence on the Earth, so she wanted to make sure that her impact was reduced to as minuscule as possible, and to inform others along the way. Through her from-scratch cooking, thrift and ethical shopping, and generally being mindful, she has transformed herself into a zero-waste advocate.

Brittany Jenke

Wilma Magorimbo


Wilma has always had an interest in writing, fashion and learning new things. So when she heard Johanna speak about Kindred Hearts, a company aiming to not only provide but educate people on what sustainable fashion is. She jumped on the chance to write for Kindred Hearts.

Wilma is passionate about providing material for people that increases their self-aware about the world around them. Subsequently resulting in them becoming better versions of themselves.



To offer products which care beyond borders, are produced ethically and inspire to live an ethical and sustainable life.


To raise awareness for an ethical lifestyle, starting by the clothes we (or you) wear.


To see Australia choosing clothes which care for those making them equally as much as for those wearing them.