Meet the Brands

At Kindred Hearts we want to offer you high quality products from brands that care beyond their own profit margin.We only choose brands who suit our own values. The priority for us is to find clothes which are ethically produced, meaning all workers, from cotton farmer to sewers, get paid a living wage. In the western world we’re living in, we often have our own perception of how much we should be paid but forget about the low standards for people in other countries – who essentially work for us by providing goods and products we use on a daily basis.


Secondly, we want to use sustainable and organic material and get rid of the single use plastic items. The products we offer you are produced from organic or recycled material which is a key step to a sustainable world.


The brands we work with have been carefully selected by the founders of Kindred Hearts and were closely investigated beforehand to ensure they meet our values and standards.

What is ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion is generally used to describe the movement of fair pay and working conditions for all people in the fashion supply chain.


It’s a rather broad term encompassing all aspects of the fashion industry – from the people producing the materials, to those creating the garments.


Fast fashion has been growing at an alarming rate, and the ethical fashion movement is working hard to educate the world on its negative imapacts. Read more on fast fashion.

How we select our brands

Ethical brands can be found everywhere nowadays. Brands that are more conscious about how their products are produced are growing. It’s no surprise as we as consumers become more aware of working environments in other countries – thanks to technology and its ability to communicate instantly. However, brands that combine ethical and the organic and sustainable factors are still rare.


For the ethical aspect, we especially look at brands who are either a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, are Fair Trade certified or accredited by the body of Ethical Clothing Australia.


On top of the ethical part our suppliers need to pass, there is also an organic and sustainable part. We want to be as environmentally friendly as we possibly can be. To guarantee that the material our clothes are made of, we look for labels and certificates such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).


If brands have not been certified or accredited by these organisations yet, exceptions might be made if other information is provided.

Read more on fast fashion.


To offer products which care beyond borders, are produced ethically and inspire to live an ethical and sustainable life.


To raise awareness for an ethical lifestyle, starting by the clothes we (or you) wear.


To see Australia choosing clothes which care for those making them equally as much as for those wearing them.