About [eyd]

[eyd] also is a German-based label originated in Stuttgart. Founded in 2017, they made the slogan Empower Your Dressmaker to their mission. [eyd] produces their clothes in Mumbai, India, working closely together with the not-for-profit organisation CHAIIM.

What makes [eyd] so unique is that they employ women who escaped sexual slavery or human trafficking.

While most brands wouldn’t want people working for them who don’t have the basic sense of education or never worked in a ‘normal’ environment, [eyd] and CHAIIM give them a chance to work in a safe place while also providing therapeutic and educational support, while encouraging those women to aim for an independent life.
Aid is in the making!”, as [eyd] likes to put it.


[eyd] also takes great care in working with organic materials. Most of their collection is made out of organic cotton which means there are no nasty pesticides in them.


Alternatively, they also use Lyocell which is made out of eucalyptus wood and results in a silk-ish material. [eyd] also has waste management plan in place to reduce waste by avoiding plastic packaging and reusing packing material.


[eyd] stood out to us as you can find out who was part in making your clothes by a simple stamp which is on the tag.


Their website lets you check the flower stamp you find on your shirt and see who you impacted with the purchase and how their life has changed since working with [eyd] and CHAIIM. What a great personal feature in such a mass orientated world.


With [eyd] you can truly Empower Your Dressmaker!

[eyd] in store

Empower Your Dressmaker


To offer products which care beyond borders, are produced ethically and inspire to live an ethical and sustainable life.


To raise awareness for an ethical lifestyle, starting by the clothes we (or you) wear.


To see Australia choosing clothes which care for those making them equally as much as for those wearing them.