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Are you still searching or have you started to plant trees yet?

What sounds a bit contradicting is the purpose of Ecosia, a search engine planting trees based on your searches!

Concerns about using one of the top leading tech companies have been rising more and more over the last few months, so what’s holding you back on changing? Especially when it comes to changing your search engine and doing good at the same time.

Ecosia offers you just that.

What is Ecosia?

Ecosia is a search engine, much like Google or Bing, but with one key difference – a majority of the profits are used to plant trees where they are needed most.

With every search you help reforesting this beautiful planet. Forests are not just living space to wild animals but also the lungs of this planet. Without trees we don’t have air to breathe. In times where scientists predict record levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere trees play an even more important role than ever before! So far, Ecosia could plant about 50 Million trees with the help of its users. Isn’t that amazing?

They’re not just planting trees all around the world and support several projects, but when RWE, a German energy company, purchased a large forest in Germany, Hambach Forest, to expand the coal surface mine, Ecosia stepped in and offered 1,000,000€ to RWE to purchase the forest of them. 

Unfortunately, RWE rejected the offer, but Ecosia doesn’t give in so easily.

They want to keep negotiations and conversations up with the hope not to impact just this one project but governments all around the world to review their energy sources.

The Not-For-Profit Search Engine

Ecosia isn’t just a search engine doing good to the environment, moreover, they always have their users in mind. Christian Kroll, the founder of German-based company Ecosia, made the decision to change the company’s structure officially last year and make a non-profit organisation out of it.

He never wanted to get rich as he states himself but have a positive impact on this planet and its nature.

By moving Ecosia from a for-profit company to a non-profit, this ambition is now legally binding and just another proof Ecosia lives what it preaches themselves!

Watch the video from Christian himself explaining the move: 

Ecosia is as transparent as a business can be.

They understood pretty quickly that growth is built on trust and decided to publish monthly reports for everyone to see

Ecosia earns money through search ads just like we know from other search engines.

While the profit of other search engines goes to their shareholders, Ecosia uses 80% of its profits to plant trees.

All the projects Ecosia is involved in can be viewed on their website which is pretty amazing to see!

Search Privacy

Privacy concerns are a never-ending discussion when it comes to tech giants. There’s hardly a day going past without news about privacy issues.

As the environment, Ecosia seems to also take privacy concerns serious.

Ecosia’s privacy policy is straight forward and easy to understand for everyone. Head over to their page for more information on how they protect your privacy! 

Making the Change

There are many reasons to list about why we love Ecosia. Luckily, theyve done it themselves

However, as we much as we love Ecosia and their purpose, it’s not like Google. If you are used to Google, you might struggle at the start of your switch.

Google has invested millions of dollars into their development to get them where they are today before Ecosia was even founded in 2009. However, as Ecosia continues to grow, we are almost certain that the search engine will improve step by step as well. 

While it might need a little time for you to get used to your new search engine of choice, we think it’s a pretty good deal for you, the environment and our future generations! 

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