ARMEDANGELS is a German ethical fashion brand which started in 2007 when two friends from Colognes decided to take a new approach on fashion.


They no longer wanted to feed into the fast fashion industry but rather create timeless fashion that doesn’t ‘get out of trend’ next month. ARMEDANGELS made it their goal to produce ethically, organically and sustainable while not compromising on looks. Today, ARMEDANGELS is one of the largest ethical fashion brands in Germany.

To commit even further to their values, ARMEDANGELS only uses sustainable materials and to proof their commitment, they have been GOTS certified since 2011.


To ensure fair working conditions, they work closely together with organisations like Fair Trade or Fair Wear Foundation. In fact, since 2007 they have been licensed by Fair Trade and joined the Fair Wear Foundation as a member in 2015. ARMEDANGELS truly takes action towards a sustainable and ethical world which is why we feel honoured to have them in our shop.


To offer products which care beyond borders, are produced ethically and inspire to live an ethical and sustainable life.


To raise awareness for an ethical lifestyle, starting by the clothes we (or you) wear.


To see Australia choosing clothes which care for those making them equally as much as for those wearing them.