Amazon Rainforest fires satellite image

If you have watched or listened to the news this week, or even just opened your Facebook or Instagram feed you probably have heard that the Amazon Forest is burning. It’s not just a little burn, it’s a fire that can be seen from space! NASA shared some pictures that can only leave you in shock and devastation about what is going on. states that over 75,000 fires have started in 2019, a significant increase to previous years. The thing is, we haven’t heard about this fire for three weeks! Can you remember how quick media was reporting about Notre Dame burning? Or what about the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un? What about last year’s Ball Tampering scandal in Cricket? You get the picture. Media is quick to report whatever they think will give the best story. They sell drama. Big drama!

The Amazon Forest burning is a drama, but it is something we are all responsible for. It’s not a story that sells well. Change your behaviour and things like a burning rainforest, deforestation and hunger don’t need to happen anymore.

But who likes to change their behaviour? Who wants to give up habits? Who wants to take the blame for the fires in Amazonia? We are quick in blaming people, pointing fingers at others. But we don’t like to be the one pointed to.

Media now is pointing fingers to Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro. He’s known for being sceptical about climate change and all that comes with it. Not exactly someone who’s helping our world move forward and live more consciously and sustainably. I guess we all can’t have a Jacinda Ardern in power, even though the world would need it…

The Amazon Forest is home to 3 million species of plants and animals and 1 million indigenous people and it is on fire.

We are living in a time where species extinction is part of our daily routine. And I wish this was an exaggeration but unfortunately it is not. The world we see today is not the world our children and grandchildren will get to experience. That’s the sad truth that needs to be said and everyone needs to be reminded of.

Many sources quickly jumped to one solution: the world needs to go vegan. And as much as I personally would love to see this happen, let’s be realistic here. The world is not going vegan. Even though more and more people reduce their meat consumption or avoid animal products all together, a vegan world is utopistic. And that simply has to do with the fact that we love pointing fingers on others, but not on ourselves. As soon as we are the ones who need to change our behaviour, we’re quick to finding excuses for anything and everything.

For me personally, reading a lot more into it and Brazil’s beef export, I am making a more conscious effort to live a mostly vegan diet. I have been vegetarian for years now and over the last twelve months reduced my dairy consumption drastically. Maybe this was the last push I needed to change the rest of my diet.

However, I understand that this change is not a change everyone wants to make. Maybe you can just start going meat free on one day of the week and depending on how you go, you can increase it over time. Or you have one vegan day per week. Just start living consciously and really check the products you buy. Where are they originating from?

On top of adjusting your diet, we need to inform governments. It is on us to raise our voices, to go and vote when it is time, to be part of demonstrations such as Fridays For Future. We need to start conversations about our environment. We were left with being in charge of this beautiful planet and everything that is growing on it, yet we managed to destroy it for our own’s sake. It is time to stop just posting on Social Media about how we pray for the Amazon Forest, for the people, for the leaders, it is time to act on it as well! Actions speak louder than words, so let us come together and act together! It is not too late.

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